Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt

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The water of Dead Sea has always been considered as having therapeutic effects along with healing qualities. People used this for treating skin conditions and illness. This water contents high amount of salt and the salt is rich in minerals, like sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, bromide, zinc and potassium. All these minerals are easily absorbed by our skin. Though the presence of this high amount of mineral makes the water bitter enough to drink but it has incredible beauty and health benefits.

Gentle skin exfoliation:

Our skin is made dull by tanned cells and dead cells. The salt from the Dead Sea has abrasive quality that makes it a perfect exfoliator. It helps to remove dead skin cells and flakes from skin. This can be used directly as a scrub when mixed with agents, like honey or coconut oil. This perfect blend will make skin healthy and beautiful. People buy sodium bicarbonate as it is helpful for our skin and Dead Sea salt contains high amount of sodium.

Pore purification:

Sulfur has disinfecting and detoxifying qualities. The presence of sulfur has made the Dead Sea salt perfect for pore cleansing. The pores get clogged with dirt, dead cells, stale sebum pollution, dirt and germs. Salt from Dead Sea purifies the pores by driving these out of the pores. Mixing it with honey will prepare a perfect scrub that will be effective and gentle. The scrub must be washed off with lukewarm water and skin will be super clean. Magnesium chloride flakes Australia are beneficial for skin and magnesium present in salt will help in protecting skin.


Hydration is the secret to beautiful skin. Dead Sea salt scrub helps to improve the quality of lipid barrier. The natural moisture of skin will be replenished in this process.


Acne is the problem that plagues young girls and then there is the problem of acne marks. Zinc and sulfur in the salt works an acne treatment. The salt can be used as a scrub or in bath water.

Roughness reduction:

Our elbows, heels and knees are the rough areas that are too stubborn to be made soft. For getting smooth heels prepare a tub with hot water and add sea salt to it. Adding lemon will add exfoliating quality to the water. Soaking feet in this solution will help to get softer heels. Bathing in Dead Sea salt can help to reduce the roughness of the body.