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How To Combine A Bedroom And A Play Room

Posted by Nilce Villanueva on

If you are living in a small space with a limited number of rooms or if you ever wondered about that guest room which is used only a couple of months a year when your parents or friends from out of two come to visit the following article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to combine a bed room and a play room in order to give your child the space he/she needs.

Allocation of Funds

Many individuals would be embarking on this quest as they would be living in a small space under a strict budget. Therefore when purchasing items for this project one should focus on finding discount and clearance sales such as memory foam mattress Melbourne or even spend a Sunday visiting garage sales to find some toys and games for your children.

A Multitasking Bed

This is a critical feature in your conversion because one should own a comfortable cozy bed for the guests to snooze in when they come to visit furthermore, it should not take up the entire room as children would require ample space during the day to play. Thus, one can invest in a gel top bed as it would provide comfort to your guests and your little ones can also use it to play with. For instance it would provide a great space for the children to build jigsaw puzzles on a rainy day or even a build a fort for a sleepover with their friends. However, another option for those individuals who want to completely free up the available space would be to purchase a bed that can be folded away or tuned into a daybed because the day bed would then be converted into a seat in the playroom setting.


The most difficult aspect in this project would be to find decoration that would create the perfect ambiance for both a playroom and a bedroom. Thus, instead of going with a theme to match your child’s preference one should instead opt for neutral colors as this would allow the conversion to be more streamlined. Once the color scheme is finalized one can then select toys, rugs and curtains to make the room look livelier.

Storage Space

This is another important aspect because when you have guests staying overnight you would require ample space to store away all the toys, books and puzzles. Thus one should either invest in cabinets or shelves that would disappear into the background.
By following the aforementioned tips one can go on to own both a perfectly welcoming guest bedroom and also a play room for your children to play at.


How To Design The Interior Of Your New House?

Posted by Nilce Villanueva on

Building a house is anyone’s childhood dream, because do you remember when we play “house”? Where we acted like grownups and making houses with pillows and cushions and anything we could find? Well, that explains all that anyone would say yes to a new house, maybe a new apartment. Well suppose you are building a new house. Well, that’s lot of work, no way, easy. You have to provide all the materials needed and also have to hire professionals to build your home right? Now let’s say you are done with those initial or the main part of building your home. What’s next?

Interior – The next thing that you will have to engage yourself is designing the interior of your house. Well anyone would say it is an easy task that anyone can do it without anyone’s help. Well it is accepted if you are a very creative and if you can think things wisely. Because creativity is not enough to design the interior of your house. You will have to think a lot of things like what will suite for your budget with your interior? How going to choose things for an affordable price from stores where they hold sales just like wall clocks for sale. You have to think all the things.

Adding room – Well you shouldn’t be thinking only about the things that you are going to fill up your house, you have to think about how to keep your room look like there’s enough room or to actually keep your house with more room. You can do a couple of things, like what? You can go for light paints that would look like your house has more space than it actually has, and also you can choose your furniture wisely to save up the room in your house, not only that, you can tide clock Australia so that you are having enough room as well as efficient in the same time rather than using stand up old clocks.

To be comfortable – Whatever you plan for the interior of your house, you should remind your self that this is a home, not a work place that look so professional and artificial, you have to make it look so home that when you enter, your house, you should feel that warm feeling, and that is a great interior I might say. If you are unable to do this on your own, then use some professionals or professional’s advice, so that you can have a winning interior to your house.


Moving In To Your New Home On A Tight Budget

Posted by Nilce Villanueva on

It is almost inevitable that you will end up losing all of your money when you are in the process of building your home. No matter how much research you did and how much you tried to avoid it, going over budget when building your home is something that is unavoidable and this makes moving in to your new home all the more difficult because you will need certain things for your home but you will not have much money to buy the things you want for your home. Many families face this dilemma but there are ways around it if you are creative.

Learn to improvise and manage your money

If you have a very limited amount of money and you have a big list of things that you will need to buy for your home, the first thing you will need to do is to study your finances and try to find out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your home. The first and most important thing that you will need for your home is a bed to sleep on and a mattress. However, it is important that you do not try to save money on the mattress because buying a cheap mattress can result in severe spine problems which is why you should buy a good baby ride on toys for yourself but for your bed, you can find many ways of saving money. The first option is to go to a second hand store, an auction or a charity store to look for second hand beds that might be selling for cheap. If you find one that you like, you will be sorted.It is important however that you do not buy a second hand foam mattress because this can be unhygienic and it can be bad for you which is why, when it comes to mattresses, you should always buy brand new.Your second option would be to look in to the option of making your own furniture out of old pallets and other things. If you look online, you will see that there are amazing things that you can do to make your own rustic, fashionable furniture that will not cost you anything at all. There are many things that you can use that can be converted in to furniture and they will look unique and beautiful without you having to spend a lot of money. Not only will your creations be inexpensive, they will also be unique and different.